CDeO’s Homegrown Culinary Mogul shares life’s struggle and success

CDeO’s Homegrown Culinary Mogul shares life’s struggle and success

Source: Enterpreneur Philippines

In an article posted on Entrepreneur Philippines, Jan Michael Sy Uy narrated how his life turned 180 degrees from being a laid off flight attendant to become one of CDeO’s prime mover in business entrepreneurship.

In his youth, Uy dreamt of traveling the world, thus after finishing his studies in Physical Therapy he immediately applied for a spot in becoming a flight attendant in Philippine Airlines and was accepted.

However, during the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998, Philippine Airlines struggled to survive due to financial losses and had to laid off employees – Uy was one of them. Rather than feeling defeated after losing his dream job, he returned to CDeO and helped his parents through their trading business.

In his stead, Uy expanded their business to become one of the major distributor of food supplies in Northern Mindanao. He earned the respect of fellow businessman and was elected multiple roles in prestigious business groups.

He then expanded his knowledge and earned a degree in Entrepreneurship in 2009 at the Asian Institute of Management. Immediately after graduating, Uy founded the Monster Kitchen, a baking supply store and established Thai Me Up. In 2013, he then converted Monster Kitchen into an Academy which started the baking revolution in the city.

Uy also established in 2015 one of CDeO’s pasalubong products, Brownie Bites and his latest addition Cucina Higala which is one of the rising restaurants in the city. When asked about expanding his business nationwide, Uy responded that he has hesitations and that he wants to attract tourists into CDeO through his good food.

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