Take a Pause from Cooking: CDO Foods You Can Order For Your Family’s Dinner

Take a Pause from Cooking: CDO Foods You Can Order For Your Family’s Dinner

cdo foods

Mga higala! Have you run out of ideas on what to prepare for dinner later? OR don’t have the energy to cook for the whole family?

How about taking a day-off from cooking just for today? We in ACADEO think that you deserve to try a new dish from some of the thriving food businesses in the city.

Take a look at the following food businesses’ menu.

Chicken Inasal Bacolod Style and Grill Haus

Cooking something that involves chicken may take time, unless it’s just fried. But talking about “inasal”, you’ll need heaps of ingredients and a number of cooking directions to consider. Why not just have it ordered from Chicken Inasal Bacolod Style and Grill Haus?

cdo foods

They have been serving Kagay-anons since 2004 with their classic grilled Pinoy dishes.

Tito J’s Spoon & Pork

It’s not like you can just serve a “lechon baboy” to your dining tables without spending much time rolling it over a flaming wood or cooking it in an oven. Have them ordered from Tito J’s Spoon & Pork!

cdo foods

They offer oven-roasted home cooked lechon belly that is guaranteed crispy on the outside and  juicy on the inside.

Botoy’s Litson Manok Grilling & Restaurant

Who haven’t heard of Botoy’s Litson Manok Grilling & Restaurant? Bet none!

cdo foods

A modern karenderya is what describes them best as they have a wide range of Filipino comfort foods that you can choose from. Of course, their lechon manok is what made them popular. Serve some for your family for today’s dinner!

Lutuna and Sabaw Station

From native soups to seafood dishes, you can never get enough of Lutuna and Sabaw Station!

cdo foods

At an affordable price, you can serve your tables with a grilled tuna panga and belly. Tempting, right?

Ana’s Kitchen

How about some buttered chicken or beef with broccoli for dinner? Have them ordered from Ana’s Kitchen!

cdo foods

While these two from their menu are their best-sellers, they also have baked barbecue ribs, chicken lollipops, and more.

If you think we missed to include your favorite dinner meal, let us know in the comments below!

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