CDO Implements New ‘Peryahan’ Guidelines

CDO Implements New ‘Peryahan’ Guidelines

Mga higala! In exchange for their continued operation during fiestas and other events within our barangays, Cagayan de Oro City is now implementing strict new guidelines for peryahans (fairs or carnivals)!

Below are some that have already been approved by the Regulatory Compliance Board (RCB), the City Administrator’s Office, the police, and more.

  • Parlor games involving money or betting should be situated away from rides for kids
  • Minors are not allowed in areas with gambling
  • Peryahans are not allowed to operate if they don’t have at least 1 ride for kids
  • The observance of these guidelines should be monitored by the concerned barangays
  • Perya operators should submit a copy of their “special permit” to the barangay council
  • Peryahans should adhere to the 11:00 PM curfew

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