CDO Police Forces to Accommodate More Recruits But Training Schools Not Prepared

CDO Police Forces to Accommodate More Recruits But Training Schools Not Prepared

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With the new administration that is to commence near June 30 under the presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte, police recruits are expected to increase in number as the quota this year was doubled compared to the previous years.

“That’s around 50 percent increase. Next year we are expecting that it will increase more. This is the first time that we’ve reached this number of needed recruits. We are actually thankful since in region 10 we really need more personnel as the police to population ratio is one police personnel to 2,600 per population. So we really need more recruits,” Police Senior Superintendent Canilo Agua Fuentes explained, chief of the Regional Personnel and Human Resource Development Division (RPHRDD-PRO) in Northern Mindanao.

Fuentes added that this year, the law enforcement needs about 1,200 recruits. That is 600 more than last year’s 595. And with the 1,200 quota, it will be divided into two cycles. However, the training school which is to cater the possible increased number of students is not yet prepared.

“For the first batch in 2016, we need 600 recruits for our public safety forces, which is our striking force or combatants. And the 2nd cycle which would take effect in October is for the attrition quota, which is also 600, totaling to 1,200. But right now we are not even sure if our current number will reach our 600 quota for the first cycle,” Fuentes said.

“Definitely, I can see increase beyond the 1,200 quota. And if the new administration’s stand on criminality will push on, we definitely need more recruits,” he emphasized.

On the other hand, Police Chief Inspector Leopoldo Recimalla Jr., Regional Training Director at the training school is worried about the increase of students.

“With or without the increase of recruit, it is our mandate to cater all the recruits who will undergo schooling here. But with the influx of student right now, this huge increase, we have to accept the reality that here in the training center we cannot really accommodate them especially with the 1,200 quota for 2016 because here in our training center the capacity is only 800. For now, I’m happy that the quota for the first cycle of 600 has not been meet; I’ve heard that they only have around 400. But by the next cycle, if they would really have the 600 recruits, I fear we might be overwhelmed. And in case this new administration, with its promise of salary increase and benefits will push through I’m sure there will also be an increase in the application for police force,” said Recimalla.

“I have already brought this problem to the higher headquarters which is the Philippine Public Safety College and the National Police Training Institute last month and stated the problem with the need for bigger facility and accommodation for the students. In fact in this training center, we are only transient here since this area is the property of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division. I will talk to the regional director and hopefully they would be able to help us with an area in the police battalion headquarters in Barangay Gusa and hopefully slowly construct facilities there,” Recimalla added.

There will also be a need of increasing the number of training personnel and staff along with the infrasructure facilities, said Recimalla.

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