City Government Planning to Build Houses for 35,000 Poor Families

City Government Planning to Build Houses for 35,000 Poor Families

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By year 2022, the city government is planning to build houses for 35,000 poor families in the city. This said plan was revealed by Teodoro Sabuga-a, City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) chief.

Social welfare workers in the city have observed that some of the families were Bajaus coming from other provinces and come to Cagayan de Oro before the annual Feast of St. Augustine. Sabuga-a said that they’ll be helping them.

“We are planning to build houses every year… until 2022, and give these to those who need it,” he said, providing houses to some 35,000 families in the city prioritizing those who are living near riverbanks and other places prone to danger, those forced to relocate as a result of government projects and informal settlers affected by demolition orders.

According to Sabuga-a, the efforts for the implementation of the CDO shelter program were delayed because the annual budget for the city proposed by Mayor Oscar Moreno was not approved much earlier saying, “If only the budget for 2016 was approved as early as January, we could have purchased land and started building many houses now.”

It can be recalled that the annual budget of P4.8 billion proposed by Moreno was rejected by the City Council, and set it down to P2.4 billion. And according to Sabuga-a, P330 million from the annual budget will be for the shelter program.

Other than the shelter program, the local government and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) have been providing Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) to some 100 families of street dwellers in the city, including boarding houses where they can stay for six months for free while receiving skills training. As said by Sabuga-a, “The government pays for their rent and for their skills training while we take them to the food- and cash-for-work program so they can have income.”

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