CDO To Start COVID-19 Vaccination For A4 Priority Group: Pre-Register Now!

CDO To Start COVID-19 Vaccination For A4 Priority Group: Pre-Register Now!

Mga higala! Cagayan de Oro will be starting the COVID-19 vaccination schedule of those in the A4 priority group or essential frontline workers!

Have you pre-registered already higala? Do it now:

ICYDK, below are those included under A4:

  • A4.1 – commuter transport (land, air, and sea), including logistics
  • A4.2 – public and private wet and dry market vendors; frontline workers in groceries, supermarkets, delivery services
  • A4.3 – workers in manufacturing for food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical products
  • A4.4 – frontline workers in food retail, including food service delivery
  • A4.5 – frontline workers in private and government financial services
  • A4.6 – frontline workers in hotels and accommodation establishments
  • A4.7 – priests, rabbis, imams, and other religious leaders
  • A4.8 – security guards/personnel assigned in offices, agencies, and organizations identified in the list of priority industries/sectors
  • A4.9 – frontline workers in news media, both private and government
  • A4.10 – customer-facing personnel of telecoms, cable and internet service providers, electricity distribution, water distribution utilities
  • A4.11 – frontline personnel in basic education and higher education institutions and agencies
  • A4.12 – overseas Filipino workers, including those scheduled for deployment within two months
  • A4.13 – frontline workers in law/justice, security, and social protection sectors
  • A4.14 – frontline government workers engaged in the operations of government transport system, quarantine inspection, worker safety inspection, and other COVID-19 response activities
  • A4.15 – frontline government workers in charge of tax collection, assessment of businesses for incentives, election, national ID, data collection personnel
  • A4.16 – diplomatic community and Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) personnel in consular operations
  • A4.17 – Department of Public Works and Highways personnel in charge of monitoring government infrastructure projects

For more details:

CDO Starts COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration For A3 & A4 Priority Groups: Register Now!


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