What’s Unique in CDO: Food Dishes You Can Only Have in Cagayan de Oro

What’s Unique in CDO: Food Dishes You Can Only Have in Cagayan de Oro

cdo unique dishes

We can’t deny that we love food, may it be a sweet dessert, a spicy or salty dish. Who does not love food anyway? Bet none.

There are many varieties of cuisines in this world coming from different countries. Spanish, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, Chinese, Filipino, you name it. Then there are also fusion cuisines which combines two or more different cuisines providing a more unique dish. Many restaurants serve such dishes nowadays.

In Philippines alone, due to the influence of past colonizers, Filipino cuisines were touched with a bit of foreign cuisines such as the adobo, brazo de mercedes, chicharron, maiz con hielo, relleno, and among others. However, these mentioned food dishes still speak of the people of the Philippines.

cdo unique dishes

And in Cagayan de Oro, there are also dishes that are very close to the hearts of Kagay-anons, and to name one is the Sinuglaw which is a coined term from “sinugba” (grilled pork meat) and “kinilaw” (raw fish meat).  It has already gained popularity around the Philippines that whenever tourists visit the city, they make sure to try the sinuglaw.

Know that there are other unique dishes that you can only find in Cagayan de Oro aside from the sinuglaw mentioned above. Not only one, but a dozen. Curious enough? Here are Food Dishes You Can Only Have in Cagayan de Oro.

Bigby’s Titanic Treat

cdo unique food dishes

Considered a dessert of the Gods, Titanic Treat is Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant’s dessert star.

This must-try dessert is a bowl of sweet treat composed of 30 scoops of different flavored ice cream, fruits, brownies, chocolate chips, cookies, chocolate and toffee sauce.

And if you are on to take and win Bigby’s challenge which is to consume up this gigantic dessert under 5 minutes, then you won’t be paying for it. Or else, the other way around. Are you a brave foodie warrior?

They have branches in Centrio Mall and SM City Cagayan de Oro.

The Hideout’s Iceburg

cdo unique food dishes

Have you seen a burger pierced through a straw and is placed on top of your favorite shake contained in a mason jar? Well, you can only find it at The Hideout.

Located at the Marfori Compound, Pabayo Gaerlan Street here in Cagayan de Oro, The Hideout offers its very own IceBurg which is a shake topped with burger. Not only your thirst will be quenched, but also your hunger will be satisfied. You can grab it for P85 only.

Chocolates and Creams’ Sanslava Cake

cdo unique food dishes

Craving for a luscious cake? Not craving for a cheesecake or a simple chocolate cake for today? But how about a Sanslava Cake? Sounds new right? Only at Chocolates and Creams located at Corner Velez – Gaerlan Streets!

This Sanslava Cake is somewhat sansrival-inspired cake that is nutty and chewy with a creamy chocolate filling inside.

To make your Sanslava Cake more special, top it with 3 scoops of tempting vanilla ice cream by just adding P15.00.

Restaurant Damaso’s Sikwate Ice Cream

cdo unique food dishes

Usually, we serve sikwate as a hot beverage, but not in Restaurant Damaso! And it is called Sikwate Ice Cream with Coconut Snow.

This dessert is an ice cream laid on a bed of caramel syrup then powdered with coconut snow. And it’s not your usual ice cream for it is sikwate-flavored, similar taste with what your grandmother always serve you during mornings or afternoon merienda.

You can locate Restaurant Damaso at Corner Pabayo – Chavez Street.

Boy Zugba’s Cheezy Chorizo

cdo unique food dishes

Have you tried the only Cheezy Chorizo in Cagayan de Oro? You can only have it at Boy Zugba Kusina Bisaya!

Cheezy Chorizo is a flavorful chorizo with tidbits of cheese. Perfect when partnered with cups of rice. Alone, it can already satisfy.

Boy Zugba can be located along Corrales Ave – Ramon Chavez Street or at their 2nd branch which is at the 3rd Floor of Ayala Centrio Mall.

Kagay-anon Restaurant’s Pinakbet

cdo unique food dishes

When looking for authentic Kagay-anon dishes, just by its name, you can say they only serve what Kagay-anons really love. This is why tourists make it sure they visit Kagay-anon Restaurant located at Limketkai Center in Lapasan.

Their most awarded dish, which may seem common to us, is the “Pinakbet”. You may wonder why we included it in this list, and to cut that curiosity short, it is because Kagay-anon Restaurant serve it in an unusual way. Using a hollowed raw squash as a bowl, it is where their pinakbet is contained.

Kenko Naicha’s Frozen Brazo

cdo unique food dishes

Kenko Naicha Tea Lounge, the first home-grown milk tea shop in Cagayan de Oro to introduce pure and healthy milk tea that use all-natural products without artificial additives and preservatives, has something Kagay-anons and tourists alike will really love. It’s their very own version of the popular Brazo de Mercedes frozen cakes.

Called Frozen Brazo, it is inspired from the popular Brazo de Mercedes frozen cakes infused with ice cream. However, instead of using ice cream, Kenko Naicha uses whole cream made from their special hatch eggs.

They can be located at their main branch which is at the First Floor of Vista del Rio Building, corner Waling-Waling Street and Patag Road (beside SSS) in Carmen, and other branches in Ayala Centrio Mall, Rustan’s Supermarket (Centrio Mall), SM City Cagayan de Oro, Limketkai Center Mall, Laguindingan Airport, One Yoga Wellness (2nd Floors of LT Fraternal Building, Apolinar Velez Street corner San Agustin Street), and in Iligan City.

Missy Bon Bon’s Breadfilled

cdo unique food dishes

With its full store/cafe located at the Limketkai Center, Missy Bon Bon has been a favorite pasalubong store among tourists. From healthy, natural and freshly-made bread to cool gelatos, surely you’ll love their great food.

One of the favorite pasalubong treats from Missy Bon Bon is their Breadfilled which can come in three flavors namely chocolate, ube and strawberry. Simply, it is a bread filled in with flavors.

Wild Onion Pub & Grub’s El Presidente Burger

cdo unique food dishes

Located at the Center Point Arcade, corner of Domingo-Velez Streets and Corrales Avenue is Wild Onion Pub & Grub which honors President Rodrigo Duterte with its own El Presidente burger.

El President burger is a dish invented by the proprietor and is large enough that it can be shared by 4 persons.

On a more charitable note, for every purchase of the El Presidente burger, a portion from its sales goes to Cagayan de Oro’s House of Hope in Lumbia.

Mango Mania’s Mango Ice Choco Banana

cdo unique food dishes

Recognized as the Dessert of the Year in UrbanLife Awards 2014 of Gold Star Daily is the Mango Ice Choco Banana of none other than Mango Mania.

Mango Ice Choco Banana is a bowl of Mango Mania’s signature mango ice which is served in between halves of fresh banana, sprinkled with cashew nuts and chocolate chips, adorned with fresh and ripe mango cubes, crowned with a scoop of mango ice cream, and finished with a chocolate syrup drizzle.

Mango Mania solely serves healthy desserts and snacks using only fresh fruits, mostly mangoes, with no artificial ingredients added. They can be located inside Lifestyle District which is along Corrales Extension in front of Capitol University (main branch), or at the 2nd Floor of Ayala Centrio Mall (2nd branch), or at the lobby of Cinema 1 and 2 of Limketkai Mall (3rd branch).

Chez Marie Restaurant’s Black Mamba Pizza

cdo unique food dishes

The only restaurant in Cagayan de Oro that serves black crusted pizza is Chez Marie Bar Café and Restaurant located at the Grand Central Arcade at the corner of Archbishop Hayes and Pabayo Streets.

Called Black Mamba Pizza, it is a homemade pizza with black crust with a special white sauce.

Chez Marie is open from 8:00 AM up to 12 midnight.

The Hungry Plate’s Soup on Bread Bowl

cdo unique food dishes

The newest restaurant in the city is The Hungry Plate which is situated along Corrales Avenue. It is an American, latin and Texan-Mexican casual dining restaurant which features local and Cagayan de Oro’s first craft beer.

The Hungry Plate is also the only restaurant that serves soup contained in a huge bread-made bowl with a bun used as a cover. Not that you can only consume the soup, but also the bowl made of bread itself.

So you think you have tasted all of the food dishes Cagayan de Oro offers? Might as well try them all! And if you have other food dishes you think are unique that Kagay-anons and tourists must try, comment them down below!

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