CHED’s Educational Reform, Compatible with Duterte’s Leadership

CHED’s Educational Reform, Compatible with Duterte’s Leadership

duterte and ched
Commission on Higher Education (CHED) chairperson Patricia Licuanan said that CHED’s educational reform of strengthening regional institutions coincides with president-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s plan of federal government for the Philippines.

‘As a psychologist, I always say that people adjust to their roles. When he’s president, he will really have to act like a president and think things through a little bit more,” she said.

Licuanan’s term as CHED chairperson will be until 2018. But she’s ready when Duterte’s unpredictability kicks in, she said, “I expect to stay, but he’s unpredictable at the moment. But I do have a term. So my term is over in 2018. Even if he appoints, I will inform him nicely that I have a term, and then sana nga if he needs me, he will see that he’ll be lucky to have me as chair of CHED.”

With the concern of the scholarship programs for students, she has no fear that the incoming president would support it, she said, “I think many of these things will fit the new president’s agenda because he talks about poverty a lot, and helping alleviate or lessen poverty.”

One of CHED’s focuses is the strengthening of regional institutions. This is a case where Duterte’s support drive for federalism coincides with the reform that CHED wants.

“We try to bring regional higher education institutions together so that they will work in a more coordinated manner, and then raise their quality. I think it dovetails very well with President Duterte’s ideas behind federalism, because, ostensibly, the reasons for that are so that you get out of imperial Manila and develop the regions. So I think that would be also very compatible with the President,” said Licuanan.

One of Licuanan’s concerns is the governance in CHED. She said that “we want state universities and colleges to be run honestly.” With Duterte’s desire of anti-graft and corruption, this aspiration by the CHED will be heard in no time.

K to 12’s transition period is also one issue that CHED wants to be addressed. Since Duterte is a K to 12 supporter, there will be no hassle in implementing it.

Overall, Duterte’s leadership is compatible with CHED’s plan for educational reforms.

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