Chinese New Year 2016 Zodiac Predictions: How Your Year Will Go Based on Your Zodiac Year

Chinese New Year 2016 Zodiac Predictions: How Your Year Will Go Based on Your Zodiac Year

chinese new year 2016 zodiac predictions

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For this year, Chinese New Year 2016 as the year of the monkey, you might get curious about your zodiac predictions. Well, here’s an overview.

As per the Chinese Five Elements Horoscopes, Monkey contains Metal and Water, with metal connected to gold and water to wisdom and danger. But what does these mean?

Basing on what were mentioned above, meaning we will be dealing with more financial events this year. Given that monkey is a smart, naughty, wily and vigilant animal, one must outsmart the Monkey if wanting to have a good return from money investments.

Metal is also connected to the Wind which implies that the conditions of events will be changing very swiftly. Suggesting that one must think twice before leaping when making changes in finance, career, business relationship and relationship with people.

Now, let us see how compatible your specific zodiac sign is with the Monkey.

chinese new year 2016 zodiac predictions

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Rat and Monkey have good interactive relationship. Rat gives Monkey the opportunity and stage to show off its talent. Monkey guides Rat how to build people relationship and generate the income. Rat will have better love relationship when Monkey is around. When Rat meets Monkey, that is a sign of the blessing of God.

With the active attitude, Monkey can help Cow to build the reputation. The ability and talent of Cow needs Monkey’s recommendation to create the opportunity for career development. When Cow meets Monkey, it’s time for Cow to stand up on the performance stage.

If Tiger is intelligent and outsmart Monkey, then Monkey will yield its territory for Tiger. That implies Tiger owns the power in an organization. Tiger must be smarter than Monkey to become a king.

Therefore, Rabbit and Monkey are a good combination for business relationship. Rabbit can produce the products. Monkey can promote and sell the products. Rabbit can have a stable manufacturing job. When Rabbit meets Monkey, Rabbit will become a favorite and popular figure.

Monkey would like to endorse and support the Dragon. When Dragon meets Monkey, Dragon can win the very highly respect from Monkey.

When Monkey works for Snake, Monkey can make money for Snake. Snake provides the opportunity for Monkey becoming a popular figure. When Snake meets Monkey, Monkey will become a good assistant or escort to Snake.

Horse can create the career opportunity for Monkey. The person can reach a top position in an organization and become rich. Horse still needs to make effects to fulfill its dream. When Horse meets Monkey, Horse can reach its achievement after hardship.

Monkey is a good job helper to Sheep. Sheep and Monkey are a good partners of the cooperation. Sheep trusts the talent of the Monkey. Sheep provides the learning and performance stage for Monkey. Monkey can help Sheep to fulfill the business goal. When Sheep meets Monkey, a shy Sheep will prepare to get in the spotlight.

Two Monkeys together generate even stronger wind. That will become natural hazard to damage people’s properties. That’s the sign of money loss. When Monkey meets Monkey, it’s not a good sign from the traditional view of Chinese horoscopes.

Monkey will push Chicken a quicker working schedule. Monkey can help Chicken to clear the hesitation. Monkey needs Chicken to produce the results. When Chicken meets Monkey, that’s a sign of the worries behind happiness.

Dog can become a good advisor to Monkey. Monkey can help Dog bringing in the money making opportunity. When Dog meets Monkey, Dog will be happy to become Monkey’s mentor.

Pig should ask Cow as an adviser when the pressure comes from Monkey. Monkey will manipulate over the Pig not knowing that Pig can become destructive. Monkey can give and push Pig into a busy lifestyle but may imply a chance of property loss. Too much coddling and protection from Monkey will spoil the Pig. When Pig meets Monkey, that’s a sign of the rain storm.

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These predictions may seem convincing to you but still, you must work on your own part and not just rely on what were mentioned above. Gong Xi fa Cai!

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