Handmade Christmas Lanterns By MisOr Inmates are Now For Sale!

Handmade Christmas Lanterns By MisOr Inmates are Now For Sale!


Handmade Christmas lanterns or “parol” crafted by Misamis Oriental Provincial Jail (MOPJ) inmates are now for sale and are displayed near the jail entrance.

According to a report from Sun.Star, the lanterns were already produced since the first week of November, and Vicente Libona, who is an inmate for 8 years now, is the one supervising the Christmas lantern business.

He said that 100 out of 300 lanterns were already sold and that they sell an average of 10 lanterns per day to visitors and walk-in customers.

Lanterns were designed with a star and round shapes in different sizes, which are commonly known as “pirik-pirik.”

The lanterns costs from P75 to P2,000 depends on the size and to the complexity of the lantern, Libona said, adding that the huge ones are more expensive as it is harder and complex to make, and they have also installed Christmas lights in the lanterns.

According to an inmate, their profit will be given to their families to buy gifts and food for Christmas.

This is a project supported by the Provincial Government where the inmates are now accustomed to selling lanterns every year during Christmas season.

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