Cigarette Products Now Carries Graphic Health Warnings

Cigarette Products Now Carries Graphic Health Warnings


The Graphic Health Warning Law is now fully enacted nationwide. This, to efficiently advise and warn the public concerning the dangers of cigarette smoking and risks of second-hand smoke.

The full execution of the Republic Act 10643, otherwise known as the Graphics Health Warnings Law commenced on November 4, 2016, Health Education Promotion Officer Aian Caridad of the Department of Health (DOH) – Northern Mindanao speaks before the media practitioners in a meeting held on Friday at Pearlmont Hotel, Cagayan de Oro.

The said law is also intended to remove misleading descriptors which influence that a certain tobacco product is healthier, less harmful or safer, Caridad emphasized as the law aims to warn the public of the destructive effects of cigarettes.

As mandated by the law, all tobacco product packets and packages must carry the pictures exactly portraying the dangers of tobacco use with textual indication related to the pictures.

Smoking can cause common illnesses such as lung cancer, stroke, asthma, premature, low birth-weight babies, diabetes, blindness, among others.

The local government units (LGUs) play a crucial role in the full execution of the Graphic Health Warning Law, Caridad said.

News Source: Philippine Information Agency

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