Cinchona Multifalls: 5 times the fun and adventure

Cinchona Multifalls: 5 times the fun and adventure

Cinchona Multifalls

The province of Bukidnon is growing in popularity especially in the brand of tourism that it offers. From the root word “bukid”, the word “Bukidnon” directly translates to “people in the countryside” or “people of the mountain” in the Cebuano dialect of the Philippines. No wonder why it has lived up to having one of the most beautiful and popular animal farms, rice fields, and plantations in the country. Just like its neighboring provinces, it also boasts of having marvelous water attractions and swimming destinations. One of these is the Cinchona Multifalls found just at the base of one of Bukidnon’s breathtaking mountain peaks, Mt. Kitanglad Range in the municipality of Lantapan.

A one-stop destination for swimming, bathing, and nature trekking, Cinchona Multifalls is comprised of 5 series of waterfalls each having distinct qualities and offers individual excitement to trekkers and nature-lovers alike. The first two falls do not necessarily require the skills of a professional trekker since it is not hard to reach and the terrain is not too hard to walk on to. At the third and fourth waterfalls, one will have to do a little bit of rappelling while going down the rocky cliffs. Caution and a fair amount of energy are needed to be able to arrive at the fifth tier as it is simply dangerous and relatively high.

To reach Cinchona Multifalls, one has to take a ride by bus or by van from Cagayan de Oro City to Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. Then, a jeepney ride to Lantapan and habal-habal to Sitio Block 2, Brgy. Kaatuan where the Cinchona Forest Reserve is waiting 2 kilometers from the gate.

The whole area surrounding Cinchona Multifalls does not only provide a refreshing treat to vacationers who only want to quench their body’s thirst for natural waters but also, a refreshing and calming pleasure to the eyes. One should be able to traverse an uphill road where the chirping of birds and cool breeze of the wind together guide visitors on their way to the waterfalls.

After the hike, a cemented downward stairways will lead you to a creek that is physically connected to the falls. It is also like going into an enchanted garden where mossy rock formations dominate the surface of the water.

Cinchona cemented stairways


Upon arriving at the first waterfalls, large boulders are covering the whole area in a cave-like land formation which is good to block the harsh rays of the sun. The area is also good for enthusiasts who just love to take photos and videos of the activities of nature. A mini pool at the base of the waterfall can also be spotted and of course, anybody can jump into the water for a refreshing swim after a long walk. A small cave surrounded by groups of small plants and bushes can also be found around the area.

Cinchona Waterfalls 1


The place is also good for a picnic especially around the next falls where the water flows down in ladder arrangement before resting into the crystalline mini pool on the base of the falls. Boulders and rocks can also be seen on the second tier that is well-positioned for a relaxing sit while chitchatting with friends and loved ones. Plus, the trees submerged in moss and small plants all in all are a good view and pleasing to the eye.

The fourth of the five waterfalls makes an allusion to a crater filled with water from a visible flowing source when viewed from the top. When viewed from the bottom, it is the mouth of a cave opening up to the sky.

Cinchona Waterfalls 4


The most challenging to reach is the fifth waterfall. It also has the widest pool at base compared to the four previous waterfalls. Convincingly, it has a strong current going down from the top of its cliff covered with the bushy growths of green and small plants that are fit for trekking and advanced cliff climbing. Also, there are remarkable soil formations around the area like large boulders and mini caves.

Cinchona Waterfalls 5


Indeed, the wonders of nature do not just end then and there. In fact, it continues to be uncovered to the face of the earth for the whole planet to behold. We may not know, the next famous tourist destination could be somewhere near that nobody will ever think it has some beauty and value to it.




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