CLENRO encourages barangay residents to segregate wastes

CLENRO encourages barangay residents to segregate wastes

Waste segregation in CDEO


The City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (CLENRO) encourages every barangay officials to enforce waste segregation on their area or no garbage will be collected in their barangays as a sanction.

Starting on May 15, those barangays that will not take heed of the said order will be excluded in the collection of garbages and will be forced to find their own ways on how to dump their wastes in the new landfill.

In a report from SunStar, only barangay Balulang took the the enforced city ordinance into practice.

Barangay Balulang officials were able to inform their residents of the waste segregation campaign by giving out fliers and going around their community. Gladly, the residents from Balulang were participative of the campaign.

The city is generating 560 tons of garbage per day in which 360 tons should be dumped at the new landfill and the remaining 200 tons are recycled and can be deposited at junk shops or at Material Recovery Facilities in villages.

CLENRO added that only 23% of the 360 tons garbage  generation per day should be dumped in the new landfill.

Barangays are strongly encourage to practice waste segregation to prevent the immediate overflowing of the initially opened one-hectare dump area at Barangay Pagalungan, Cagayan de Oro.

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