Common & Rare Indoor Plants That Plantitos/Plantitas in CDO Are Collecting During Quarantine

Common & Rare Indoor Plants That Plantitos/Plantitas in CDO Are Collecting During Quarantine

Common and Rare Indoor Plants That Plantitos/Plantitas in CDO are Collecting During Quarantine

During this quarantine, people at home are constantly thinking of what will keep them busy, to pass the time and help kill boredom. From vlogging to making TikTok videos, bartering products to creating Avatars on Facebook, these are just some of what most of us did while staying inside and doing our part to help fight the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Here in Cagayan de Oro City, Kagay-anons are not behind when it comes to trends. It was not that long ago when indoor plants became popular. People started collecting them, especially the rare ones, to beautify their own homes. Now, these types of people have been dubbed as plantitos and plantitas for exhibiting their love for plants.

Here are some of the beautiful houseplants that are commonly present among their homes:

Golden Pothos

plantitas in cdo golden pothos

Source: Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies

With its air purifying properties, Golden Pothos aka Devil’s Ivy, is considered a beginner plant as it is easy to propagate.

Snake Plant

plantitas in cdo snake plant

Source: Green and Vibrant

An extremely drought-resistant type of plant perfect for indoor display. It helps in improving the air quality of indoor spaces.

Peace Lily

plantitas in cdo peace lily

Source: Plantscapers, Inc

Popular as decor for living rooms and offices, Peace Lilies not only bloom white flowers but also absorb excess moisture which prevents the forming of molds.

Spider Plant

plantitas in cdo spider plant


An indoor plant capable of producing oxygen and at the same time absorbs carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene. Spider plants are safe as home decor as it does not threaten the health of humans and pets when accidentally consumed.

(Let us know if you own one of the above-mentioned houseplants by commenting down below.)

These may be common indoor plants that you can just get by asking from your generous neighbors, but not this next batch of houseplants that are rare and may cost you some money.

Desert Rose

plantitas in cdo desert rose

Source: The Spruce

This plant’s appearance may look complex due to its swollen trunk and woody branches, but this rare plant is easy to care for. Remember that it requires plenty of sun and warmth so it can happily bloom tubular flowers.


plantitas in cdo echinopsis


Usually found on rocky soils in South America, Echinopsis can be easily propagated. It grows about 4 inches in diameter displaying thorny ribs. It blooms huge 6-inch white flowers but only at night.

Purple Shamrock

plantitas in cdo purple shamrock

Source: Smart Garden Guide

A member of the wood sorrel family, Purple Shamrock displays reverse triangular leaflets that are colored magenta to deep purple. It prefers indirect light and cooler spots in homes.


plantitas in cdo xerographica

Source: Gardens by the Bay

A type of air plant but the rarer one, Xerographica has a ghostly appearance due to its silvery, light green leaves that curls back to itself. 

Lucky for you if you own any of these rare houseplants as they can be very hard to find.

The only challenge of having a collection of houseplants is how owners can maintain and keep them healthy and nurtured while discouraging the presence of pests and insects that feast on them. We can discuss this in the next article, so stay tuned.

Indoor plants already look great when displayed, but more so if you make use of nicely adorned pots in CDO to put them in. It’s not that hard to find such these days since having houseplants has become a trend.

Now, what has been the most beautiful indoor plant you have collected so far?

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