Confirmed: Duterte Will Not Attend His Proclamation

Confirmed: Duterte Will Not Attend His Proclamation

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On Saturday, May 28, a media interview with president-elect Rodrigo Duterte has been conducted in a hotel in Davao City.

Duterte remained firm in his decision of not attending his proclamation as the next President of the Philippines. “I am not attending any proclamation. I’ve never attended any proclamation in my life,” he said with full confidence.

Duterte said that his reason for not attending the ceremony is because it is “corny.” He decided to have other plans to spend his day than going there.

When Duterte was asked about who will be his representative during the proclamation, he said, “”I don’t know. May mga abogado ako doon. Makinig na lang sila.”

“This attendance of proclamation is personal. There would be no legal effect to him if he would not attend the proclamation,” Senate President Franklin Drilon said.

On May 31, Duterte is set to have a meeting with his appointed Cabinet members. By that time, according to him, “majority” of the Cabinet positions will already be filled.

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