2017 Marked Year for the Construction of MindaRail!

2017 Marked Year for the Construction of MindaRail!

The construction of the Mindanao Railway System (MindaRail) will commence next year, 2017 as it is one of the prioritized infrastructure projects with Duterte’s administration.

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Ernesto M. Pernia, Socioeconomic Planning Secretary stated during a conference in Davao City, “It’s going to start soon—perhaps next year.”

This MindaRail project should have been done a long time ago, still the project details and budget is now being discussed, Pernia added.

MindaRail would cover major cities in the region such as Butuan, Davao, Iligan Zamboanga, General Santos, Surigao, Butuan and Cagayan de Oro. Penia said, “When it’s completed, it will go around the entire island of Mindanao. It’s about 2,000 kilometers.”

Local and international investors such as China and Japan showed interest saying that are willing to fund this project. Pernia said, “The money is not really a major consideration because there are so many investors interested … both local businessmen and foreign investors, as well as Official Development Assistance (ODA).”

The project will be carried out in two phases and may actually be completed after Duterte’s term, Pernia added. As he spoke, “In terms of completing that railway system, the entire thing, it’s probably going to be beyond the administration of President Duterte.”

Aside from the railway project, plans in improving tourism infrastructures and seaports in Mindanao are about to start, Penia added.

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