Corpus Christi Installed Solar Panels, Only School to Utilize Solar Energy in CDO

Corpus Christi Installed Solar Panels, Only School to Utilize Solar Energy in CDO

On September 2, Friday, Corpus Christi School Macasanding Campus installed their solar panels and said to be the only school in Cagayan de Oro City who utilize solar energy to produce electricity for the whole campus.

cdo corpus christi solar energyCorpus Christi school director, Dr. Alfonso del Fierro Jr. stated, “Ever since we were in grade school, up until we proceeded to secondary and college education, we were always reminded to take care of the environment and preserve energy. We think that by this school subscribing to the usage of the renewable energy of the sun, we are actually taking our step into going green and doing our part in the preservation of the environment.”

Solar panels were installed on the roof of the school’s gymnasium. These panels were contributed by the Sowi Renewable Technologies Incorporated.

School facilities such as lights, computers, and air-conditioner were powered through the 43.68 KWp grid-tied solar power system.

After months of study and planning, the solar panels were installed and is ready to supply power last Friday.

Del Fierro said, “It may be risky and expensive at first because of the equipment and the process of installing it, but I think that in ways like saving electricity cost, the Corpus Christi School will gain much more than its capital and at the same time being environment friendly and a model for the youth to conserve and take care of nature.”

President and CEO of SOWI Renewable Technologies Inc., engineer Ross Mangaser stated”Unlike other cities, Cagayan de Oro is actually very gifted with the year-round access to sunlight. Being one of the first in this area, the investment of Corpus Christi to solar power usage can be considered brave and at the same time noble because of the benefits that it can give to the community and not only to the school itself.”

Residents within close proximity to the school can also be provided with electricity and Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company, Inc (Cepalco) already acknowledge this as the school has the capacity to provide energy to them.

Del Fierro stated, “I think that even if now when they have already probably discovered another planet where we could possibly live in the future, it is still our moral responsibility to make sure that we are taking care of the Earth that was given to us. This school, in its own little way, is making sure that we have a part in the realization of that responsibility.”

Students of the school are also proud of their administration. Alyssa, a student at Corpus Christi School said, “I am of course happy about the decision of the school to install the solar power system because it signifies its effort to take care of the environment and at the same time become very practical in finding resources of energy.”

“I am very proud of my school for coming up with an idea like this and I think that this movement of theirs will truly inspire not only me but the other students of the school,” said Christian, another student.

Corpus Christi is also planning to install another solar power system in their Pueblo de Oro campus within this year.

News Source: SunStar

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