Mapecon Conducts Dengue Awareness Caravan to Lessen Dengue Cases in Brgy. Carmen

Mapecon Conducts Dengue Awareness Caravan to Lessen Dengue Cases in Brgy. Carmen

Image Source: Mapecon Cagayan de Oro

Image Source: Mapecon Cagayan de Oro

On October 19, Wednesday at the Carmen Barangay Hall, a forum was held by Mapecon-Cagayan de Oro with the cooperation of City Health representatives to aware residents about the perils of diseases caused by mosquitos.

The company and the representatives gave pointers and advice to residents on preventing the proliferation of mosquitos.

From January to September 2016, a total of 213 dengue cases in Barangay Carmen, Cagayan de Oro were reported. The anti-dengue and anti-Zika awareness caravan is beneficial to all residents of the said barangay.

Health officials are anticipating the increasing number of dengue cases for the remaining months of the year as the rainy season has begun.

To help the residents prepare countermeasures in preventing mosquitos and completely put an end to dengue-carrying mosquitoes , Mapecon is determined to carry out their Anti-Dengue and Zika Awareness Caravan at Barangay Carmen. This is part of Mapecon’s Nationwide Dengue Awareness Campaign.

A total of 150 residents participated in the caravan that was held last

The company intends to provide information concerning the rampant Zika virus in the country although there are no cases recorded on the said virus in the city so far.

The caravan was also conducted last year on the other areas of the said village, said Jenny Ozarraga, Mapecon-Cagayan de Oro branch manager, adding that they wanted it to be done yearly to educate the citizens regarding dengue and the Zika virus.

Ozarraga also tapped on private and public organizations to conduct more activities that would help in eliminating dengue-carrying mosquitos, not just in the villages but also in the city as a whole.

Free mosquito fogging will also be conducted in the village as part of this caravan, Ozarraga added.

Councilor Cyril Ranile of the Barangay Carmen Council appreciated and expressed his gratitude towards Mapecon for its campaign against diseases-carrying mosquitos.

Ranile said that this symposium helps a lot to lessen the dengue cases in their village.

He stated, “We cannot really deny that Barangay Carmen is the highest when it come as to the rate of the Dengue virus cases here in CDO. With Mapecon, choosing us to be their beneficiary in their anti-Dengue caravan and Zika awareness drive is a big thing to make the citizens aware and ready, especially for the rainy season.”

News Source: Sun.Star

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