Doctor Strange: A Psychedelic Masterpiece That Strings-Up All Marvel Movies Into One Universe

Doctor Strange: A Psychedelic Masterpiece That Strings-Up All Marvel Movies Into One Universe

doctor strange movie review

For some moviegoers, Doctor Strange may seem unfamiliar – a new face in the Marvel movie franchise. But as far comic readers are concerned, Doctor Strange is the final character to string-up all Marvel movies into one gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Nearing to about 500 million worldwide box office sales, this cinematic spectacle will leave you breathless with its superb computer-generated imagery (CGI), its unorthodox storyline, and its fun-filled-rich character rendition.

Though some may argue, that it’s not the best marvel there is or was. The distinction may lie on it’s new mind-bending sometimes psychedelic plot that will blow everything out of the water.

Doctor Strange is a story about Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, who dedicated his whole career on perfecting his craft – got into a car accident which left his hands unusable to perform any surgery. Sought to find the cure, the doctor met the “Ancient One” who taught him the magic of mystical arts as well as martial arts and fight the dark forces which threaten the world.

The movie revolves around this egotistical character who finds peace, humility and solace in the mystical arts. The battle with good and evil has never been an exciting feat, with Doctor Strange finding out that his predecessor is using some of their enemies powers to protect the world. A necessary evil, Strange struggled to balance his newfound power and the sacrifices he has to make to defend the world from the dark dimension.

What was later revealed in the movie, Doctor Strange’s eye of Agamotto is an infinity stone. This ties up all marvel movies in one cinematic universe with five infinity stones being revealed throughout the marvel movies so far.

Doctor strange is the best marvel movie to date following the likes of Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Avengers movie: The Infinity War.

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