Dragon Boat Kagay-an Offers A Whole New Experience for Kagay-anons

Dragon Boat Kagay-an Offers A Whole New Experience for Kagay-anons

Our city is blessed with a stream of river that gave us a lot of things to enjoy scenically, and adventure activity-wise. In fact, it is the same stream that brought us the many possibilities for our River Rafting success in terms of tourism in the city.

But in another part of the river, lies a fairy new sport for many, and one that WE Filipinos have excelled in globally. The sport is called Dragon boat (a human-powered watercraft).

Trivia: Our fellow Pinoy paddlers still hold the record for the fastest time achieved during the 2014 ICF Dragon Boat World Championships in Poznan, Poland. 

Dragonboat Kagay-an

Dragon boat Kagay-an

Last weekend, WE were given the opportunity to try the sport out with Dragon Boat Kagay-an and experience first hand what paddling through our beloved Cagayan River feels like.

Dragonboat Kagay-an

Grade 11 students from Corpus Christi joining the flow of the sport.

The session started with a little history and orientation about the sport, and the message Dragon boat Kagay-an wants to entail, not only towards Kagay-anons, but for everyone who’s willing to join.

Joined by students, professionals, and even PWD community.

Joined by students, professionals, and even our PWD community.

In the short talk given, it is clear that the beauty of this sport lies between its emphasis on the value of teamwork and discipline. Trusting one another and lifting each other up (or forward for this case) Together.

Dragonboat Kagay-an - Paddling techniques

Teachers from Saint Mary’s and others learning the proper ways of paddling. Photo from: (Dragon Boat Kagay-an FB Page)

After the short orientation, the team then proceeded to teaching us the different and proper ways of paddling. And of course, safety vests are provided.

Dragonboat Kagay-an

PWD group A and B warms up before the actual ride.

This sport is in fact for everybody, and it is so inspiring to see our city’s PWD community joining such sport, showing to everyone that anybody can excel and enjoy this sport.

Dragonboat Kagay-an

Ready to ride. Photo From: Dragon Boat Kagay-an FB Page

And just after about an hour and a half of lecture and orientation (and stretching), we’re now all ready for the ride.

Dragonboat Kagay-an

Dragon Boat Kagay-an

It was indeed a new experience for most of us, and as easy at it looks, we all learned that paddling together and the right way isn’t as easy as it looks.

But, it was definitely not short of fun in any way.

Dragonboat Kagay-an

CCS Students Joining the fun with Dragon Boat Kagay-an. Photo From: Dragon Boat Kagay-an FB Page

After each ride, every boat is greeted with cheers, and it is very warming to see that even the instructors and coaches are having fun.

It was a great experience, and it is one that WE highly recommend every Kagay-anon to try out. You can have it as a group activity, or for team building. And if you’re the serious type of competitor, you can even try to train with them and add power to the team.

Short Tips:

  • Wear comfortable and (for water) clothes – cause you will get wet.
  • Bring water. Cause paddling in it makes you thirsty.
  • Learn, practice, and apply teamwork. No one s a star player in this sport.
  • Just enjoy.

Want to try Dragon boat? Just head over to Duaw Park (under Carmen Bridge) and talk to their friendly instructors. You might even find yourself paddling on the same day.


For inquiries and reservations:

Mobile: 0917 791 9090

Facebook: Dragon Boat Kagay-an

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