Motorcycle Driver Arrested for Hitting A Traffic Officer

Motorcycle Driver Arrested for Hitting A Traffic Officer


On October 17, Monday, a motorist was arrested after hitting a traffic enforcer in the face at Divisoria.

The police identified the assailant as Yusoph Dumaong, 24 years old and resides at Barra Opol, Misamis Oriental.

Gilbert Duldulao, aged 30, the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) traffic enforcer who was monitoring the traffic. Duldulao intercepted Dumaong, who was driving his motorcycle, for not wearing a helmet and for violating the parking regulations.

According to the Duldulao, Dumaong tried to flee but was hindered by Duldulao and Police Officer 2 Cliff Lee Baroro, designated at Police Station 10 in Barangay Cugman, who happened to be in the area.

Dumaong opposed to being arrested and unexpectedly hit the traffic enforcer in his left eyebrow. He also fought and scuffled with the police officer and snatched his necklace.

The motorist remained to be unyielding even his already brought to the police station, Police Station 1 Chief Inspector Maricris Mulat, said.

Mulat stated, citing the suspect, “Busa ko gidakop kay pangwarta ra man na trabaho sa mga pulis og RTA.”

However, Mulat stated, “Dili man siya hubog and dili pud ta ka-determine if naka-drugs siya unless ma-drug test.”

Dumaong will be facing charges for attacking the traffic enforcer who was only doing his job, Mulat said.

Dumaong’s motorcycle has been taken into RTA custody.

News Source: Sun.Star

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