Supply of Illegal Drugs in the Philippines Dropped by 90% Says Bato

Supply of Illegal Drugs in the Philippines Dropped by 90% Says Bato

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According to Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa that since the relentless war against illegal drugs was initiated, the supply of illegal drugs and its ingredients in the Philippines dropped to about 90 percent.

“We have severely cut the head of the supply with the operation in Bilibid,” said dela Rosa.

Securing down the Bilibid via deployment of the Special Action Force indicated the dropping of supply. this said action helped remove all of the communication and other means previously used by the drug lords inside the prison facility. As said by dela Rosa, “They cannot order because they have no cell phones. So there’s no supply is coming in and they could not distribute.”

“Sino ang tatawagan nila para mag distribute? Putol ang operation center ng illegal drug trade ng Pilipinas ngayon dahil nga na-control ng Special Action Force and Bilibid. This is as far as bilibid is concern[ed],” dela Rosa added.

However, Bato said that there are still drug lords operating outside such as in Binondo and big hotels locate in Manila. “But comparing before the operation in Bilibid was bigger because the illegal drugs operation was used to be unhampered.”

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