#DuRiam and Why Did It Trend on Social Media During The Presidential Debate in CDO

#DuRiam and Why Did It Trend on Social Media During The Presidential Debate in CDO

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The presidential debate happened yesterday at Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro was undeniably exciting. BUT was made more exciting and interesting when Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago seemed to backing up each other which supposedly is a debate. Thus, the hashtag #DuRiam became a trend in social media, a combination of the words Duterte and Miriam.

This some kind of chemistry between Duterte and Santiago flamed when Duterte stated, “It’s good that Ma’am Miriam is here because she is one of the two only qualified to run this country”, as the first sentence of his opening statement.

Then when the two of them were paired as mentioned in the mechanics of the first round of the debate, Santiago must answer the question given by one of the hosts Jessica Soho to be commented by Duterte then a rebuttal from Santiago. The question pertained to Santiago’s health and her fitness to run for president.

Then when Santiago had finally gave her statement, Duterte said this comment rather to share his reaction.

“I will not debate with Ma’am Miriam. She’s telling you the truth. I do not see Miriam passing away in the next 20 years.”

This made the audience cheer for a moment.

And after that, since Santiago is given 30 seconds to rebut what Duterte said, she did elaborate about her determination to spend the rest of her years in public years instead. Then catching up with her last 5 seconds with “Graft and corruption is endemic and everybody speaks out but nobody has done much except Mayor Rody Duterte.”

Duterte seemed flattered and did make him to raise his right arm as an act of gladness, with the audience cheering.

Until the debate ended giving each other hugs and Duterte even assisted Santiago towards the front.

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