Duterte Sent 500 Million Pesos to OFWs in Saudi Arabia

Duterte Sent 500 Million Pesos to OFWs in Saudi Arabia

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On Friday, July 22, it was recently reported that President Rodrigo Duterte sent 500 million pesos to OFWs in Suadi Oger to support them in the current economic meltdown in Saudi Arabia.

The amount will be distributed to the thousands of OFWs in the area, which is estimated at P20,000 per person. Their families in the Philippines will also receive P6,000 per family.

It was known that President Rodrigo Duterte sent a “high-profile team that comprised Atty. Guiling Mamondiong, the new chief of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA); Silvestre Bello III, labor secretary; and John Bertiz, Acts-OFW party list Congressman.”

Bello said during their visit, “We are here to learn your real status and I don’t want to get doctored information. Don’t be shy in telling us your problems.”

It was emphasized by the President that aside from the giving of the financial support to the OFWs, he wants to relay the message of thanks to all of those who have supported him during the election.

The team also vowed to help the children of the OFWs in the Philippines through educating them and providing them vocational and technical training that will improve their skills through the TESDA program.

Atty. Mamondiong said, “This is one of the reintegration programs being featured including livelihood and micro-businesses beneficial to the returning expatriates.”

The OFW community in Saudi received the team with much joy and excitement. “Their happiness and relief could not be described upon hearing the good news from Bello that they are here for a special rescue mission to hear personally and sincerely address the controversial issues facing them for months without proper assistance received from the Philippine Embassy,” Saidali Malic, the Duterte Middle East Movement secretary said.

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