Duterte on the Move! – Curfew for Minors, Liquor Ban, Suspend Late Night Karaoke Sessions

Duterte on the Move! – Curfew for Minors, Liquor Ban, Suspend Late Night Karaoke Sessions

Image Source | politics.com.ph

Image Source | politics.com.ph

“Curfew for minors mandatory,” Duterte said on Monday, May 16 to “protect the children.”

The president-elect, Rodrigo Duterte seeks to have a curfew for minors and to control noisy Karaoke sessions. This move of Duterte is propelled by his plan of restoring security and public order in the Philippines.

While it is illegal to arrest minors, Duterte instead plans to arrest parents of the minors that will be caught loitering from 10pm to 5am. Parents will be seized for the charge of “abandonment of minors, putting the life of minors in jeopardy.”

For the police officers who will not carry orders, they will be examined for suspension for their “neglect of duty.”

For the highly anticipated liquor ban, Duterte will surely implement it by all legal means necessary. He said in a strong tone of voice, “No drinking in all public places. If you do not have a house then do not drink, do not make it a fixture of a place.”

He also added, “The police must arrest all drinking people in public, alcoholic. Do not occupy streets.”

Before, the liquor ban has been widely criticized in Davao City, mostly by the owners of establishments who have the majority of their earnings coming off from drinking sessions during late night gatherings. But as its positive effect on the criminality and public security seen in plain sight, the people of Davao City accepted such bold act of Duterte.

Noisy Karaoke session is one of the acts that are set to be controlled by Duterte. He said, “You disturb the neighborhood…Noise pollution can be abated anytime because it is a nuisance. A barangay captain or mayor or governor or the police can stop it immediately. No need for a court order because that is a nuisance which can be summarily stopped.”

Now, he is about to carry such implementations in the whole country, will the people of the Philippines be cooperative enough in Duterte’s minor moves to make the prosperity of the Philippines apparent?

Davao City implemented these changes after citizens posted complaints regarding the issue. These bans are a combination of Duterte’s initiative and the citizen’s request, a ban created from unity to achieve security.

  • simplengtao
    Posted at 14:03h, 19 May Reply

    sa wakas matatahimik na din ang atin paligid at makakatulog na po kami ng mahimbing sa sarili naming tahanan. isa kang karapat dapat na lider ng ating bayan. you show your concerns to the majority of filipino people who are peace loving. salamat muli at mabuhay po kayo mayor duterte!

  • Charles lynel F. Joven
    Posted at 08:54h, 02 June Reply

    I knew he’d apply the ordinances he applied in Davao, that’s why I never voted for him..and I’m a Davaoenyo too..I don’t like it when he imposes his will on others, in a sweeping, draconian manner…

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