Duterte Dares Critics to Proceed Impeaching Him

Duterte Dares Critics to Proceed Impeaching Him

duterte dares critics impeachment

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During a nationwide gathering of policewomen last September 30, 2016, Friday, in Davao City, President Rodrigo Duterte spoke before the police and dared critics who threaten to impeach him to go ahead and that he no longer want a second term as the…

“Yang mga impeachment-impeachment diyan, go ahead,” said Duterte. “Wala akong problema, matanda na ako and besides, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.”

Duterte also said that it was difficult to be President and if he’ll be made to once again be elected as the President, he no longer want it.

He then spoke in a joking manner with, “Maybe, I’ll be the first President to commit suicide.”

“Kasi, akala n’yo palasyo, with security na palaging sumusunod sa iyo,” Duterte added in between his talk where he also lashed the United States and human rights institutions for preventing his war against drugs to continue.

“From those countries who separated from their colonizers, they’ve been doing well. Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, kakampi natin sila, pati na ang Chinese,” Duterte said. “They are supporting our war against drugs.”

Source: Inquirer

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