Duterte keeps ‘very good’ rating on latest SWS Survey

Duterte keeps ‘very good’ rating on latest SWS Survey

President Rodrigo Duterte may have harsh rhetoric language slurs on his speech however public ratings remained “very good” in the last quarter of 2016 of the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) Survey.

Out of the 1,500 respondents questioned between December 3 and 6, the president got an approval rating of 77%, 10% were undecided and 13% were dissatisfied.

This yielded a +63 net satisfaction rating which is a difference between the percentage of satisfied and dissatisfied. In the SWS scale, a score of at least 50 qualifies as “very good” while ratings 70 above are “excellent.”

Although Duterte’s new rating is down by 3 points from the +66 net satisfaction rating he got in the first 100 days in office, +63 is still a very good mark.

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