President Duterte Intends to Purchase Military Equipment from Russia and China

President Duterte Intends to Purchase Military Equipment from Russia and China


On September 13, Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte wants to purchase defense equipment from Russia and China. He ordered Philippine defense officials to go to those countries to look for the best assets.

As he spoke, “I would like to ask Defense Secretary Lorenzana to, samahan kayo – the technical people. Pumunta kayo ng Russia at pumunta kayo ng China at tingnan ninyo kung ano ang pinakamabuti.”

He announced this before the Philippine Air Force (PAF) troops and military officials during the 48th anniversary of the Presidential Airlift Wing at Villamor Air Base.

The president said that Russia and China offered the Philippine government a manageable loan for the defense assets. As he spoke, “Two countries have agreed to give me the softest loan. It will be payable in 2025.”

He assured that the government has enough money for military equipment as part of the modernization program for the military forces.

President Duterte told these two countries that he prefers equipment that is capable of fighting insurgencies and terrorism, especially in Mindanao. As he spoke, “Sabi ko sa kanila na I want weaponry’s and armaments, hindi ko kailangan ‘yang mga jets, ‘yang mga F-16, that’s of no use to us. We don’t intend to fight any country using that….Let’s content ourselves with even the propeller-driven planes but which we can use extensively sa anti-insurgency.”

President Duterte added that apart from “propeller-driven planes,” he aims to counter internal threats and that he needs “short-run bombers.”

The president said that the purchase of equipment and negotiations are “no strings attached” yet he allows the “government-to-government” basis. As he spoke, “We can buy the arms where they are cheap and where there are no strings attached and it is transparent. I told them, I would not deal with you except on a government-to-government basis.”

The new defense assets are only for the internal security threats in the country such as terrorism in Mindanao which “could generate into a full-blown civil war,” President Duterte clarified as China and Philippines are in the middle of a maritime dispute.

Under his administration, the president guarantees that the modernization of the Armed Forces would continue.

He stated, “You will start your modernization further with me. Ibigay ko sa lahat sa inyo ‘yung kailangan ninyo para talunin ‘yung kalaban.”

News Source: Rappler

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