Romualdos of Camiguin Gave Duterte’s Supporters a Hard Time in Pursuing Campaign at the Island

Romualdos of Camiguin Gave Duterte’s Supporters a Hard Time in Pursuing Campaign at the Island

duterte rally in camiguin


Despite being harassed by local politicians, almost 5,000 people still attended the Duterte Rally in Camiguin last Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

It was reported the past week that supporters of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte were prevented to push the Duterte Rally by local politicians in Camiguin. The permit was barely given and even the electrical connection was cut.

“Baho na nga style,” PDP-Laban’s Duterte said. He also added that the Romualdos, who seemed to be behind the issue, were acting like they own the island and the people of Camiguin.

But still, the event was pushed through after last minute arrangements were done such as renting a sound system from Cagayan de Oro after a local provider in Camiguin canceled their booking.

According to Duterte’s spokesman and chief of his media team, Peter Laviña, there are other forms of harassment as perpetuated by the Romualdos that can be read on his email statement. Vehicles with Duterte stickers and posters were forced to the back of the line at the pier in Balingoan in Misamis Oriental which as the jump-off point for vehicles, goods and people going to Camiguin. The electrical connection at the Mambajao Freedom Park was allegedly cut and even homes near the venue were warned not to allow connection to the Duterte Team or else, they’d be prohibited from doing business in the island. Government employees also told Duterte coordinator that they were threatened not to attend the rally so as not to lose benefits including cash allowances. Even the people were threatened from attending the rally by local officials or they will be delisted from 4Ps, PhilHealth and scholarship programs.

Mayor of Mambajao Ma. Luisa Romualdo, the wife, Camiguin Governor Jurdin Jesus Romualdo, the husband, and their son, Camiguin Representative Xavier Jesus  support Liberal Party bet Mar Roxas.

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