Duterte to Restore Death Penalty in the Philippines by Hanging

Duterte to Restore Death Penalty in the Philippines by Hanging

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In a press conference held last May 15 in Davao City, Duterte openly said that he will be asking lawmakers to approve the death penalty for certain crimes. It was his first attended presscon since election day.

The presumptive president will urge the Congress to restore the death penalty through hanging. For him, it will be the capital punishment for criminals that are involved in illegal drugs, gun-for-hire syndicates and those who commit heinous crimes such as rape, robbery and theft who kill their victims. Why hanging insted of lethal injection? Duterte explained that the former will establish fear among criminals.

During the regime of former President Fidel V. Ramos, the 1987 Constitution restored the death penalty for heinous crimes but then was carried out seven times under President Joseph Estrada. This is according to the Commission on Human Rights.

Until then Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s regime who was against capital punishment, it repealed the Ramos-era law in 2006 through Republic Act No. 9346.

Duterte is also pushing for a shoot-to-kill policy.

“I said if you resist arrest tapos you offer a violent resistance, my order to the police or the military is to shoot-to-kill,” he said.

The former Davao City Mayor already asked the police to submit their “Order of Battle” or a list of drug pushers and criminals are being wanted by the law and that they will be hunted down. He even advised the police officers who are involved in drug syndicates to leave the service before he takes the position as the president of the country.

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