Duterte visits Camp Evangelista in CdeO, says the country is well and stable

Duterte visits Camp Evangelista in CdeO, says the country is well and stable

duterte visits camp evangelista

Source: Mocha Uson Blog Facebook Page

Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, visited the wounded soldiers in the continued fight between the military and the Maute terrorist group at the Camp Evangelista Station Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City last Saturday, June 3. In his visit, he said that the country is well and stable despite the threats of terrorism hounding the country nowadays.

In an article released by Philippine Information Agency, the President said that he was more than willing to end the terrorist attacks in Marawi City within “24-hours” time since the military has all the necessary defense and weaponry to create big ammunition blows that would put an end to the horror brought about by the Maute group. However, he said that he is compelled to follow the standards of a civilized society and thus, could not go on with an immediate but inhumane solution to chase the armed forces of the Maute group away from Marawi.

He added that the goal of seeing to it that no civilian’s life will be put to danger is a hard thing to do since the military troupes are also aiming for a more mobilized target which is the Maute rebels who maybe at close proximity with civilian communities in the city. According to him, it is also the ultimate goal of the military to carry out their operation in a manner in which no one’s life will be put in danger.

President Duterte also said that in the event that the situation is escalated, he will not hesitate to use every resource of the armed forces of the country to “quell the rebellion and terrorism”.

During his visit, the President has awarded Merit Medal and Bronze Spearhead Device to 63 soldiers who are wounded during the clashes in Marawi City.

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