Duterte Will Impose Three-Child Policy

Duterte Will Impose Three-Child Policy

three-child policy

The president-elect Rodrigo Duterte wants a three-child policy in the Philippines. The Catholic Bishops opposed.

From the cursing of the pope, the rape joke, and calling the Catholic Church as the most hypocritical institution next to none; this new law that is yet to be implemented by Duterte is another ground of collision between him and the Roman Catholic Church.

On Sunday, May 23, he said, “I only want three children for every family.” He also added saying, “I’m a Christian, but I’m a realist so we have to do something with our overpopulation. I will defy the opinion or the belief of the Church.”

In a country where 80% of its citizens are Catholic, Duterte remained victorious in his campaign for the presidency. “Look, were you able to stop me?” Duterte said.

On Saturday, he said, “You know the most hypocritical institution? The Catholic church.”

Addressing the Catholic Bishops, he also added, “You sons of whores, aren’t you ashamed? You ask so many favors, even from me.”

The spokesman for the Archdiocese of Lingayen, Monsignor Oliver Mendoza said that the Catholic Church respect’s Duterte’s point of view, yet they are still active in speaking against government policies that are opposite to the beliefs of the Church.

He said, “Because if we fail to do that, if we close our eyes, if we close our lips, we close our ears, what will be the role of the Church?”

Joselito Zulueta of the University of Santo Tomas said the Duterte is a Deist. In his statement he explained, “His in itself is a self-serving position conceived out of human conceit. He will do as he pleases except when he’s stopped by public criticism.”

Zulueta believes that the Duterte administration will continue to disagree with the Catholic Church. Some other issues aside from this planned three-child policy of Duterte are the restoration of the death penalty, legalization of divorce and planned distribution of contraceptives.

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