Duterte’s Working Hours Will be from 1 pm to 12 Midnight

Duterte’s Working Hours Will be from 1 pm to 12 Midnight

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On a press conference on Saturday, May 28, Rodrigo Duterte plans to work as president of the Philippines from 1 pm up to 12 in the midnight.

He said, “10 , magising ako, maligo ako, 11, 12 ready na ako. 1 pm didiretso na ako. Even if you want, until 12 ako, good ako until 12 o’clock kung importante lang.”

He was then asked by the media if this is one of his showy remarks and plans under his administration, he answered, “Basta, I’m available 1 to 12.”

Duterte said that he will start his day accepting visitors and signing papers. Daily, a military aide will report to him so that he will “know what’s happening to the country.”

During the night, he intended to read all the documents that are to be signed. He planned to read them all for he is not in favor of signing a document that he has no knowledge of what’s inside.

‘Unlike others, I do not sign unless I know what I am signing about. I cannot read papers and sign documents when I am in the office because there will be many visitors. The bulk of the documents that you sign for and on behalf of the Republic of the Philippines, you take it to your study before signing,” he said.

During the transition period, he plans to have a daily flight going back and forth from Davao to Manila and vice versa so he can adjust to living in Manila.

According to Duterte’s common law wife, Honeylet Avanceña, one factor is Duterte’s youngest daughter, Veronica who prefers to stay in Davao City.

This pattern of the incoming president of the Philippines has been practiced ever since he was mayor. He roams the streets even in the wee hours to catch the “lazy” policemen in the highways.

According to Duterte, his best frame of mind is around 6 to 10 pm in the evening.

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