Easing Your Pet’s Fireworks Stress

Easing Your Pet’s Fireworks Stress

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Fireworks may be music to our ears and art to our sights, but one thing for sure many animals are extremely frightened and stressed at the view and sound of fireworks.

While its a few moments before the most awaited change of our lives, here are a few safety tips for our fur babies to stay calm while you enjoy the magical fireworks display.

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Tip#1: In case your pet runs away to escape the loud and chaotic system of New Year’s Eve, make sure your pet has an identification tag with your current contact information.

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Tip #2: For them to not run away, make sure to find a safe and secure spot for your pet inside the home. The first thing they need to know is that you are there to protect them from any harm.

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Tip#3: Never take your pet to a public fireworks display. Doing this would only cause them to panic and get stressed.

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Tip#4: Distract your pets with any of their toys, or better yet it’s the perfect time to give them treats.

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Tip#5: Apply a do-it-yourself therapeutic half-wrap to your pet. Half-wrap helps your pet relax during a time of high stress. With a piece of clothing or scarf, you can just follow the steps below to make the half-wrap treatment.

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Applying half-wrap to your pets will make them feel cozy and protected.

So before the firecrackers start to release its bang anywhere make sure you have followed the tips above to prevent your fur babies from getting stressed, after all, we are welcoming 2018, a year of the Earth Dog.


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