Emano Followers Threaten To Take Over Cagayan de Oro City Hall

Emano Followers Threaten To Take Over Cagayan de Oro City Hall

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After the Office of Ombudsman settled to deny the motion of reconsideration filed by Mayor Oscar Moreno to dismiss the case filed by William Guialano, Taglimao barangay chair, relating the Ajinomoto taxation case, the Padayon Pilipino-dominated city council named Vice Mayor Ian Acenas mayor and Councilor Lourdes Candy Darimbang vice mayor, and also sent advisory notes withholding all disbursements by Moreno administration among all depository banks, exempting the payments for salaries of city hall employees, bank interests and other operational expenses.

The Ombudsman’s decision was established February 15, 2016 but was only transmitted the past weekend.

And on June 28, Tuesday afternoon, policemen were immediately deployed around the city hall to thwart any unfortunate eventuality to occur between the followers of Mayor Oscar Moreno and former mayor Vicente Emano. All doors of the city hall were then ordered to be closed after officials loyal to Moreno received reports regarding Emano followers to take over the building.

“City hall is still open for business but we will be strictly monitor who will be coming inside,” said City Administrative Officer Dionnie Gersana mentioning that the closure was just a precaution to prevent any unexpected incident.

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