Envizion Philippines: Office-Based English Tutors Opens in Cagayan de Oro City

Envizion Philippines: Office-Based English Tutors Opens in Cagayan de Oro City

Envizion Philippines, Cagayan de Oro’s first ever office-based English tutorial service for Japanese citizens held its grand opening last September 1, 2016, at the 8th floor of the newly opened One Providence Building inside the Lifestyle District along Corrales Extension.


Envizion Philippines is the newest subsidiary of RareJob Philippines, itself a subsidiary of the umbrella company, RareJob Japan. The company provides one-on-one direct and online tutoring to Japanese citizens on the mainland due to the increasing demand for English tutorial services.

Launching Proper

The grand opening was spotlighted by the founders themselves of RareJob Japan, Tomohisa Kato, and Gaku Nakamura.



Envizion COO/President Mr. Gaku Nakamura (in gray) and Envizion CEO Mr. Yasu Nisijo (in black) posing with their employees.

One of RareJob Philippines directors, Takeshi Shinomata was also present, as was Envizion Philippines’ new Chief Executive Officer, Yasushi Nishijo.


Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Yasushi Nishijo

Notable too was the presence of Ms. Gian Christiane Nava from the RareJob Philippines Corporate Planning Office in order to train and help out in the formation of the administrative staff.


Locals notably present at the grand opening were Ms. Maricel Casino-Rivera of the City Information Office, Timothy Andrew Salera and Ms. Eileen San Juan from the Investment and Promotions Center, Stephen Caragos representing the CDO ICT Business Council, and Jonathan Rodolfo Adolfo, executive director of the Cagayan de Oro Information and Communications Technology Business Council.



Also present to cover the grand opening were Cagayan de Oro’s top bloggers including Team About Cagyan de Oro and other media personalities.


Team About Cagayan de Oro and other media personalities poses with Mr. Vic Marion Madriaga (left), Envizion COO/President Gaku Nakamura and CEO Yasu Nisijo

Inspirational talks were given by Tomohisa Kato, Gaku Nakamura, and Yasushi Nishijo, as well as to welcome the attending guests and the newly hired office-based tutors that presently number at 70. A ribbon cutting ceremony was then conducted at the office lobby.


For a little fun and ice-breaking, some questions were directed to the new tutors with corresponding gift certificate prizes for the correct answer.

It’s Chow Time!

Everyone then partook of the finger foods catered by Bigby’s Food Service. A lechon was provided since the Japanese top brass found out that Filipinos always celebrated every event or important occasion with the iconic food.


The event ended with a grand group picture at the hallway of the tutorial department. Envizion Philippines opening in Cagayan de Oro is a major move by RareJob Japan to expand its English tutorial services to the growing demand in Japan for online English lessons by harnessing the growing pool of good English speakers and teachers in Northern Mindanao.


Since RareJob Philippines has a current pool of tutors from Manila, Luzon, and a few from Cebu, the expansion to Cagayan de Oro is RareJob’s level of commitment to its existing and potential clients in Japan.


However, unlike RareJob’s business model of home-based tutors with flexible clients, Envizion was conceptualized as an office-based tutorial model in order to meet the growing challenges of fixed tutorial schedules. At present, Cagayan de Oro has two similar companies operating office-based online tutorial services. However, these companies are owned by South Koreans and cater only to South Korean clientele. This makes Envizion the first Japanese company of its kind to open in the city.

Why Envizion Chose Cagayan de Oro

When the Japanese top brass of RareJob were scouting for an expansion to RareJob Philippines, they immediately recognized Cagayan de Oro as the perfect “Gateway to Northern Mindanao,” and Envizion Philippines saw a promising pool of skilled individuals and developing reliable infrastructure for online transactions in Cagayan de Oro.


These, plus the reliable peace and order situation in Cagayan de Oro were the deciding factors in choosing the city as the next base for its operations.


To date, Envizion Philippines has just hired the first set of 70 Center-Based Tutors and is aiming to fill in the 250-seater cubicles at their tutorial department within the year.


Not limited to hiring 250 full-time tutors, Envizion is looking at filling up even more slots for possible night shift tutorials, if needed. RareJob Philippines, Inc. is presently located in Quezon City. RareJob Japan, Inc. is located in Tokyo, Japan. RareJob and Envizion share the same vision of “Chances for everyone, everywhere.” Staying true to RareJob’s vision, the company decided to open up chances to even more Filipinos by setting up Envizion in Cagayan de Oro.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The name “Envizion” was created by deriving it from the following words: ENGLISH + VISION + ZION. The first two letters of the company’s name, EN, are derived from “English” as its main focus to render English tutorial services.


This is then combined with the word “Vision” because the company envisions that English is a big part of everyone’s future, especially for Japanese who learn to write and speak in English. The letter “z” that replaces the “s” comes from the word “Zion.” This is an old Aramaic and Israeli word that means “the highest point” in English. This is also in line with Envizion’s and RareJob’s goal to be at the top of the English tutorial service by providing quality service.

Company Still Hiring


For applicants, the following positions are available:

  • Administrative Staff
  • Receptionist
  • Finance Staff
  • 250 Office-based Tutors

For the office-based tutors, the job description is simply to conduct one-on-one video lessons in English tutorials with Japanese students as well as to provide feedback on student’s performance.


To qualify for office-based tutors:

  • Graduate of any 4-year course/vocational course or has at least 2 years’ worth of college units.
  • Have good oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Willing to work on day shift, mid-shift or night shift, and possible shifts on weekends and even on holidays.
  • Highly trainable and flexible.
  • Teaching experience is a plus.
  • Fresh graduates are also welcome to apply.

For those willing to apply at Envizion Philippines, Inc., they can send their application and resume to recruitment@envizion.ph, or call 0917-6289717 for inquires. Walk-in applicants may visit Envizion Philippines, Inc. located at the 8th Floor of the new One Providence Building inside the Lifestyle District on Corrales Extension, Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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