Exclusive and Big Subdivisions Next Target of COCPO for Operation Tokhang

Exclusive and Big Subdivisions Next Target of COCPO for Operation Tokhang


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Operation Tokhang, a massive anti-illegal drug campaign spearheaded by the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (COCPO), started last June 24, 2016, Friday, which resulted in the turnover of more than 300 drug personalities in the city. And in the next few days, the COCPO will be targeting the exclusive and big division. These areas are suspected to be where illegal drug distribution is most concentrated.

According to City Police Director Senior Supt. Antonio Olaguera, they are currently preparing their plans on how to conduct the campaign in the said areas. However, he admitted that their forces find it hard to track down drug pushers who does the selling of illegal drugs inside subdivisions.

Meanwhile, issues regarding the ongoing Operation Tokhang being conducted on densely and depressed urban barangays in the city was raised before the City Council’s Committee on Police, Fire and Public Safety. Thus, triggering the idea of conducting the campaign to exclusive and big subdivisions.

“Wala may gipili ang balaod but in the case of these exclusive and big subdivisions we will coordinate first with the developers and subdivisions owners or we will work hand-in-hand with the subdivision homeowners’ association,” Olaguera said, adding that they will send word to subdivision homeowners about the anti-illegal drug campaign through sending leaflets.

Finally, Olaguera has a piece of advice, “Those living inside subdivisions can coordinate with my office directly or to any police station commanders and voluntarily forwarded to clear their names. We have initial list of (drug personalities) in (these) areas.”

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