Facebook releases Messenger App for Kids

Facebook releases Messenger App for Kids


One of the biggest social media empires of our day has announced the launching of their Messenger App for kids.

This will let children contact their parents and chat with friends that are approved by their parents.


Below is a sample picture of the app’s interface and functions:

The free app is aimed at kids under 13, who can’t yet have their account due to Facebook rules (but they still often do).

Messenger Kids will be controlled by parents. The app will not let kids add new friends or delete any messages unless approved by the parent. Kids will not also get a separate Facebook or Messenger account, instead, this will be an extension of the parent’s account.

Messenger Kids was released on Monday in the US for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad & iPad Touch).

Launching in other countries and versions of the app for Android/Amazon devices will soon follow.




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