Fans erupt into frenzy as Hashtag Kilig Ambassadors took Centrio stage

Fans erupt into frenzy as Hashtag Kilig Ambassadors took Centrio stage


It was a wild, crazy, and outrageous scene as fans screamed their lungs out for their favorite Hashtag Kilig Ambassadors on stage at Centrio last Friday night.

The fans seemed to not care at all about their well-being as many have been pushed over and some were left dangled on the barricades set up by mall security.

The five hashtag members namely Paulo Angeles, Jon Lucas, Tom Doromal, Ryle Santiago and Maccoy De Leon, weren’t prepared for the outrageously loud audience that even surpassed their song background and some of them can’t even hear themselves.

The frenzy was consistent all throughout their performances and even grew louder and excited as lucky fans have been invited on stage to do an acting scene.

Maccoy was definitely the crowd favorite. Every time he walked outside the stage and into the massive flock of fans the crowd would go ballistic.

There was even a fan that got into the crossfire – a young little kid, who was pressed into the barricades from a group of screaming women. The kid was in shock and exhausted and was invited on stage by the group. The girl explained that it was her own mother that pushed her over. The two were then invited on stage to have some exclusive photo and warm hugs.

All in all, the event was a spectacle to watch and every fan of Hashtags got their ultimate dream to meet their idols. Another item to cross out on their bucket list.


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