All-female Contingent Deployed To Aid Marawi Victims

All-female Contingent Deployed To Aid Marawi Victims

All-female contingent deployed to aid Marawi victims

Source: We Support AFP Facebook Page

A total of 102 female officers, 62 from the Philippine army and 40 from the police, were deployed to help those who are affected by the ongoing crisis in Marawi City with psychosocial support.

In an article from, Western Mindanao Command Chief Lieutenant General Carlito Galvez said that the all female military unit will be a great help to women who are affected by the war since they are culturally and traditionally not allowed to interact with the opposite sex.

Aside from that, the women officers will also be tasked to take part in the rehabilitation and gender and cultural efforts.

Coming from a mixture of Maranaos and Mindanaoans, the officers have undergone a special training on the administration of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

First Lieutenant Ginalyn Peña of the Philippine Army said that move to allow a large number of women in the government’s efforts to curb the forces of terrorism in Mindanao. According to her, it is also one way for women to show what they can do in the conflict.

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