Financial Tips For Kagay-anons this 2018

Financial Tips For Kagay-anons this 2018

Mga Higala! 2017 has passed and the year 2018 is already here. We may have experienced the best time of our life, the worst moment or the biggest problem last year, but today, tomorrow and the following months are chances that we need to take in order to continue with our lives.

One of the aspects we need to focus on is our financial stability. Some of us may have more responsibilities than the other, but we all need to spend our money intelligently if we want to succeed in life.

Below are some financial tips that would hopefully help all of us this year:

Lessen Your Expenses. Identify your NEEDS from your WANTS. This will help you choose what to spend on. As much as possible spend on things that you need on a daily basis.
Don’t get tempted with various mall sales or promotions. This tricks you into thinking that you’re spending wisely when in fact they just want you to feel good on spending more.

Prioritize your food, health, and other living expenses.

Set Goals. Planning on taking your family on vacation? Do you need to buy a new phone? or do you just want to pamper yourself? Set your GOALS. This will tell you how much you need and properly prepare for it. You will also be able to estimate how much time you need before you can afford it and consider the things you need to do so that it doesn’t drain your savings.

Increase Sources Of Income. Never consider that your job is enough. As time passes your responsibilities increase and our market inflates as well. Almost nothing ever goes cheaper.

Other than the one you have now, you may also have a family in the future and it definitely won’t be easy to earn for them. Think of business ideas or invest in things that will add to your current salary. Remember that it will always be risky but it will be worth it. Nothing will ever happen if you don’t take the chances you have now.

Save Money. Choose cheaper brands, eat in simple places, download movies instead of going to the cinema and never spend carelessly. In the end, the main factor will always be you. It’s your choice to follow our suggestions and rest assured you’ll definitely increase your savings.


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