Need Fitness Inspiration for Your New Year’s Resolution? 10 Films That Will Make You Want to Get Fit

Need Fitness Inspiration for Your New Year’s Resolution? 10 Films That Will Make You Want to Get Fit

Need some inspiration to start losing weight and keeping fit and healthy? This is probably the worse New Year’s resolution the majority of people make that is broken in less than a week, or never started at all.

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But what if it only takes a movie or two to give you the spark of motivation and challenge yourself to hit the gym, hit the road and run, or start crunching those fats? So if you need a sort of kick in the butt to get started, here are 10 films that will inspire you to start working out.

Million Dollar Baby (2004) – Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman

In just three months of hard training – that’s 2 hours a day, four to five days a week – and a very precise diet regime, Hilary Swank managed to gain 8.6 kg of muscle to play the role of Maggie Fitzgerald; a woman who was taught boxing by the well-known ring trainer “Frankie Dunn.”

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A great inspirational movie especially for women wishing for that svelte figure for the summer months.

Karate Kid (2010) – Jaden Smith, Jacky Chan

A 12-year-old boy, Dre Parker (Smith) finds himself obliged to embrace Kung Fu taught to him by a master (Chan) in order to defend himself from being bullied and to gain the respect of his female classmate.

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The ups and downs that he experienced during training taught him commitment and insistence. This is a great movie to watch with your children if they also want to stay fit. If you want to go the mile, you can also watch the original 80’s Karate Kid movies starring Ralph Macchio.

Rocky I, II, III, IV, V, Rocky Balboa, and Creed – Sylvester Stallone

Okay, so this is 7 films already. But it’s really hard to explain how Stallone and his Rocky films inspired a generation of young boys and men to either take up fitness training or enter boxing. These movies are more than just about boxing, but what inspired many guys were the parts of the film that showed how Rocky trained.

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Even the more modern Creed film starring Stallone this time as a trainer and Michael B. Jordan as the boxer will truly inspire you to jog down the street or start crunching out your abs. These Stallone films are the most magical to inspire you to stay fit, though boxing is only an option.

Batman Begins (2005) – Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman

Average rich-boy Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) decides to become a superhero, which means he has to be in tip-top shape to protect his city.

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If you don’t believe why we included this film in this category, watch the film and see how Batman stays fit and healthy. His workouts are far out.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt

Remember that incredible yoga pose that the toned, bad-ass Emily Blunt struck as the “Full Metal Bitch” Rita in the unfairly underrated action sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow?

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Of course you do, because it might have been the only reason you saw the Tom Cruise movie in the first place and then signed up for yoga as quickly as possible. Some of the women admit to this. Well, the moral of the story is that if you stay fit and healthy, then you can survive an alien invasion.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) – Chris Evans

So what if scrawny and skinny Chris Evans was just a CGI at the beginning of the movie? That workout montage wherein Steve Rogers transforms into the muscular Captain America before our eyes would inspire anyone to hit a punching bag in the vain hope of even slightly resembling the superhero.

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And do watch the punching bag scene because Evans had to train for that. Hitting a punching bag can do wonders to your abs and strength.

300 (2006) – Gerard Butler

The buff, battling behemoths in 300 have really motivated so many people to get in fighting shape, and the ladies do remember Lena Heady’s buff body much better than Game of Thrones to which they were also inspired to workout.

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In fact, there’s literally a question on that asks, “Can You Handle the 300 Workout?” You probably can’t but you can either put up a valiant effort or revise some moves that will suit you better. Hey, if you can look good in fitting Speedos then well and good.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2003) – Uma Thurman

The Bride (Uma Thurman) and her martial arts training with Master Pai Mei looked emotionally draining and physically grueling as hell, but the hard work paid off, especially when it came to getting out of a terrifying buried alive scenario.

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We’re not encouraging you to take up martial arts, but martial arts is the most effective way to lose weight, stay fit, and prepare you in the skill of self-defense.

Remember the Titans (2000) – Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling

Football movies are plentiful and range in quality, but this film gets our vote for pure inspiration. Consider the ingredients: A dash of Denzel Washington, a splash of historical setting, a heap of underdog scrappiness.

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Mix them together and you’ll get this uplifting movie with the best pep rally ever and some of the best workouts you can imitate. Another great football movie that will inspire you to get fit is The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock.

We’ll stop here because the Rocky series of films alone brings the number to more than 10. We give this advice when watching these movies: Instead of stuffing yourself with popcorn and nachos, make up a healthy snack while sitting on that couch. So, after you finish watching, you have already started down the road on your way to working out to stay fit.

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