LOOK: A Helpful Flood Indicator @ El Salvador, Misamis Oriental

LOOK: A Helpful Flood Indicator @ El Salvador, Misamis Oriental

Flood is one of the common natural disasters that happen around the world. It usually occurs from an overflow of water that comes from a drain, lake, river or other water systems due to heavy rains, coastal storms, and storm surges. Worse floods are very dangerous as they can claim the lives of those who unsuccessfully evacuate from their flooded communities.

In order to come prepared for such a disaster, there are flood level indicators that help the authorities know if it’s time for families to leave their homes for safety. They are designed to determine the level of the water when heavy rains occur.

Specifically in El Salvador City in the province of Misamis Oriental, this flood indicator (see photo below), which is near a checkpoint to Cagayan de Oro, does really help the authorities find out if there’s a pending flood disaster. But there’s more to it as they gave it witty phrases such as “On Your Mark”, “Get Set”, and “Go”.

Well, it makes sense as when the water reaches the yellow marker, individuals must stay alert. By then as the water reaches the orange marker, families must prepare themselves to evacuate. As soon as the red marker is reached, residents must flee from their homes and proceed to designated evacuation centers.

We found it awesome just for a flood level indicator, how about you?

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