Foodpanda Deliveries Temporarily Banned @ Xavier Heights Due To Repeated Violations By Riders

Foodpanda Deliveries Temporarily Banned @ Xavier Heights Due To Repeated Violations By Riders

Mga higala! The Xavier Heights Subd. Homeowners Association Inc. has issued a temporary ban to all FOODPANDA deliveries inside their subdivision, due to “repeated and deliberate violations” of some riders!

According to their notice, several riders violated their internal traffic policy like the one-way rule (no counterflow) and speed limit multiple times, over the last few months.

Some riders also argue with security guards every time they are required to leave their ID’s at the said subdivision’s entry gate.

For more details, read the full notice below:


This is to inform belatedly that we have temporarily banned the delivery service of Food Panda due to its riders’ repeated and deliberate violations of our internal traffic policy like one-way (no counter flow) and speed limit.

Food Panda riders have been warned at least four times (4) since March 2020 to abide by our policy especially on speed limit and one-way scheme since XH is densely populated and with large volume of vehicles traversing the main street. Despite plea and constant reminders they continuously violate our policy and some even argue with the security guards everytime they are required to leave their ID’s. In fact, one of the riders almost hit our volunteer in the 1st gate due to the former’s defiance of speed limit. Their violations are not only recorded in the logbook but also were captured in our CCTV.

We take this opportunity to inform and remind all residents and non-residents alike to please abide by and obey our internal traffic policy. We all know that traffic signs are internationally observed and applied and one need not be a degree holder to understand the basic rules. In fact traffic rules are the simplest of all laws and it does not even require thorough reading to understand it since most rules are represented by colors and signs only yet sadly many still disregard it resulting to minor accidents and altercations inside the subdivision.

Nobody can just trifle with our Rules or else our efforts will be put to naught.

As an aside or for the information of everybody, the car of one of our Board of Trustees was damaged since it was bumped and hit by a motorcycle driven by a minor who was obviously without driver’s license.

We are streamlining and putting order in our Subdivision and we can only be successful if we will all cooperate, obey and respect our policies even if it will give us little inconvenience.

We apologize for the inconvenience that may have taken place earlier because of this late notice.

Thank you for your usual cooperation!


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