Get Your Kilay-is-Life Done at Ardee’s Eyebrow Threading

Get Your Kilay-is-Life Done at Ardee’s Eyebrow Threading

Enough the talking girls, amidst the differences we have,  we can’t deny the fact that we speak the same voice in getting our “kilay-is-life” done”.



If you’re tired of watching videos on how to get the perfect tutorial for kilay goals, cried enough for those painful moments from plucking unwanted hairs on your eyebrows, and got bothered because your kilay is too bushy, worry no more!

Eyebrow Threading and Organic Hair Waxing is now available at Ardee Trendy Collection. So you can shop now and get beautiful at one place, isn’t that convenient?


Here are some of the reasons why you should consider threading your eyebrows.


  1. Because kilay is life. You’ll never get that perfect kilays if you don’t get them and get rid of their unwanted hair.


  1. Your left and right brows are not twins but they are sisters in all respects. Threading your kilay allows you to get the right measure and shape of eyebrows.


  1. It is less painful compared to other hair removal alternatives because threading your kilay is quicker than tweezing.


  1. It grows more slowly because it removes hair from the roots which means you are going to visit Ardee for kilay threading once a month just for maintenance.


  1. It’s cheaper! For as low as Php 50.00, you can get your kilay done!

So what are you waiting for? Free yourself from the troubles of your kilay problems and get your kilay goals now. Visit Ardee’s Trendy Collection at Tiano Hayes, near Dynasty Court Hotel.

You can also check out their Organic Hair Waxing Services.


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