Getting A Senior Citizen’s ID Is Now Made Easier By Applying Online

Getting A Senior Citizen’s ID Is Now Made Easier By Applying Online


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Are you a Filipino senior citizen residing here in the Philippines? If you still don’t have your senior citizen ID, you can now easily register online to get one and also to avoid the hassle of lining up. By getting your own senior citizen ID, you can now enjoy the privileges, rewards, and benefits of being a senior citizen.

Here’s how:

Did you know that our city government here in Cagayan de Oro really pushed for the betterment of its services for senior citizens? Thru you can both apply for a Senior Citizen ID  or check if you’re already registered.

Filling out the form:

Once done. You can upload any of this required documents for your registration to be validated and approved.

Note: The requirements are scanned copy of birth certificate/valid ID/baptismal/marriage certificate, barangay certificate, 1×1 latest colored picture and signature specimen.

Within three (3) working days upon approval, the ID is now released to the owners.

Getting a Senior Citizen ID can give you benefits that you can take advantage of. Listed below are some of the benefits you will be entitled once you already have your Senior Citizen ID:

1 Discounts on Public Transportation

2 Have a separate lane or pass through long lines when paying bills or purchasing any items on malls or grocery stores

3 Discounts on a lot of things like entertainment, medicine, utilities and more.

Don’t forget that upon issuance of your Senior Citizen ID, it includes a senior citizen booklet that contains various lists and monitoring of basic necessities and prime commodities.


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