Getting Your Home Ready for A Public Showing

Getting Your Home Ready for A Public Showing

Mga higala, have you ever wondered what is involved in selling a home?

There is lots of information available online regarding real estate, such as where to find affordable apartments or what you should look out for when buying a small house. But what about information for selling your house?

Let’s talk about it in today’s Acadeo feature!


A public showing is when you open your property, typically a home, for potential buyers to visit and inspect. The idea behind it is to give buyers a feel for the property they’re interested in buying, as well as see the property in its “as is” state.

Having a good public showing is critical especially for commercial properties because it informs the potential buyer about the state of the property in a way that can’t be spoofed or faked by flattering photos and videos.

By showing your property to your potential buyers, you either confirm or reveal any imperfections to the property, which can change the price negotiations drastically.


The answer to this is tricky: it depends.

If your buyer is looking into your property as a residential, it’s important to inform them about the state of essential utilities like plumbing, electrical wiring, and structural integrity of roofs, stairs, and support beams. You don’t want your buyer to sue you for bad faith by not disclosing these issues during negotiations!


Here are some important things to keep in mind when opening a public showing.

  • Clean the property! This is very important, because a dirty or messy property, as well as unkempt surroundings, will not impress your potential buyer, and may even discourage them from going through with inspecting your property.
  • Fix what you can fix right away. Loose water pipes? Fix that now. Poor lighting in the master bedroom? Fix that now. Squeaky doors? Fix that now. If there’s anything that you can fix right away and at little to no cost to you, do it before your potential buyer can point it out.
  • Be honest about damages and needed repairs. While we’re not saying you sabotage your own chances at selling your property at a fair price, it’s also good practice – and legal protection! – to disclose any needed repairs springing up from damages your property has. Many discerning buyers may insist on professional inspection, and if they discover any damages that you’ve hidden away, it’s possible that your potential buyer will demand for a lower price to account for the repairs. Yikes!

Do you feel that you’re ready for your property’s first public showing? Tell us in the comments if this article helped you!

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