23-Year Old Girl Rescued after a Soldier attempted to Rape Her

23-Year Old Girl Rescued after a Soldier attempted to Rape Her

Original Image Source: dnaindia.com

A 23-year-old girl was rescued from a soldier who allegedly attempted to rape her in a drive-in motel on January 10, Tuesday morning.

According to a report from Sun.Star, the victim called her friends asking for help while she was in the motel’s comfort room. Her friends then reported the incident to the police.

Private First Class Klintone Dalid, 22 years old from Agusan del Sur was apprehended at around 4 a.m. at Queensland Hotel in Barangay Kauswagan by the police officers from Police Station 4 in Barangay Carmen.

The victim said that after leaving a disco bar, she was walking along Divisoria area when Dalid and his comrade abruptly forced her to get in their car.

She added that when they are about to arrive at the inn, Dalid’s companion decided to leave them as he was feeling guilty.

The victim tried to convince Dalid saying that they should not do sexual intercourse but just lie and sleep together to spend the night.

But when they both lied on the bed, Dalid began to sexually touch the victim which triggered her to run to the comfort room and call her friends for help.

The suspect refused to give comments concerning the alleged rape case, he is now detained at the Carmen Police Station.

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