Grace Poe Admits Defeat, Congratulates Duterte

Grace Poe Admits Defeat, Congratulates Duterte

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On Monday evening, May 9, candidate for the Philippines’ 16th President Grace Poe conceded the presidential race to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. She showed her support for the healing and unity that the country is seeking after the elections.

Around 11pm that day, Grace Poe called Duterte and congratulated the current leading presidential candidate and accepted her defeat. During that time, 76% of the votes are transmitted; she had 22% (7.32 million) of the votes. That places him third behind Mar with a slight lead of 7.53 million votes or 22.5% while Duterte is far from being surpassed in the number one spot with 12.92 million (38%) votes.

Hours after that in a press conference Poe said, “Ako si Grace Poe…ay nagbibigay-daan kay Rodrigo Duterte…na siyang napili ng nakakarami sa ating mga kababayan.”

Duterte verified that Poe’s camp called him, “Grace called me and congratulated me. And she said, ‘Mayor, I’m going to make an announcement.’ So sabi ko, ‘Thank you.”

An electoral agenda has been suggested by Poe and Duterte said that he will study it if he can apply it under his administration if elected as President.

“Since you go for the handshake, I accept it with humility. I can work with you. Paborito mo is electoral reforms, I will go for it, I will support it…. Consider me as your servant,” Duterte added.

With much of Duterte’s generosity, he offered himself to go in the senate rather than Poe going to malacañang. He said, “Anytime tawagin mo ako, ako na pupunta sa Congress, huwag ka na pumunta sa Malacanang.”

Grace Poe is the top vote getter in the 2013 Senatorial race and has 3 more years in her term to serve as a senator.

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