Hold-upper Taking on University Students Nabbed by Police

Hold-upper Taking on University Students Nabbed by Police

USTP Hold-upper arrested by police

Source: Darold James Facebook

Following the recent Facebook posts of some students of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP)-Cagayan de Oro Campus concerning a series of robbing incidences near the university’s entrance, a video depicting some police officers cornering a resisting  hold-upper garnered different reactions after it was posted on the Official  Facebook Page of the university. 

According to one USTP student who posted the video on the page, the arrested man was a member of the group of robbers stationing around a loading and unloading area for vehicles where students are usually seen waiting to get a ride. It was also stated on the student’s post that the arrest took place after she and her group mates in a school project went to a nearby police station.

In a separate post, the school’s student affairs department said that the arrested suspect admitted all the accusations against him and claimed that there are other three suspects who also did the same crime.

Agora PNP Police Station and Precinct Commander PCINP Allan Curator reminded all those who are victimized by the hold-uppers to file a formal complaint at their office so that they will be given immediate assistance and incidences of the same nature can be prevented in the near future.

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